Repeal the people that voted for NY S.A.F.E. ! Use the tools below to ” “Vote for vindication”.  Print it or use the app but use it on Tuesday Nov 4th.

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SCOPE Candidate Report Card

News and Actions on NY S.A.F.E.

SCOPE asks Candidates to Sign a Repeal the SAFE Act Pledge

Read: More and More Counties are passing resolutions opposing the use of their county seal on SAFE Act documents.

Our own Governor said, “Keep your guns just register them.” (this to was a misleading lie as you can only keep them until you die then they must be turned in or sold out of state.) The continued emphasis on registration says it all. NY has been registering handguns for over 100 years with the Sullivan Act. Using the logic of the left, handgun violence should have ended in New York fifty or sixty years ago. The SAFE Act turned legally owned semi automatic rifles into a state defined “assault weapon” and required registration. The ammunition database scheme is a backdoor registration based on calibers purchased. The failure of the Sullivan Act has proven that registrations don’t deter crime. So why are the leftists so adamant about registration? Registration leads to confiscation.

On 11 – 4 – 14 or “one one four one four” you will have the opportunity to send a definitive message to Albany, but you have to be registered to vote to do so. Check your registration and make sure your registration is up to date with your latest address. Register any kids or grandkids that are turning 18 in 2014. Talk to the members of your clubs and churches.
Make sure they are registered to VOTE we can SCOPE THE VOTE! Click this link and a voter registration form will be mailed to you.

Think about this when you see the thousands of Repeal Yard signs.

If you like you Senator that voted for NY SAFE, You might as well give up your guns.
If you like gun control, don’t vote.

Remember that the Colorado Recall started with 2 guys hand painting signs in a garage. There are 6 million gun owners in New York state and it only takes 3 million to win an election.
SCOPE Asks Candidates to Sign a Pledge to REPEAL NY S.A.F.E.

Governor Andrew Cuomo is rated F by SCOPE!

The Governor’s Race!

Governor Andrew Cuomo is rated F by SCOPE! Plain and simple.
Rob Astorino is rated an A by SCOPE.

Rob Astorino has stated that he will seek to Repeal the NY SAFE Act
SCOPE will not play the game that ACORN or OFA does and present the information in such a manner to make believe that once elected he has the power to do so. We know that he does not.
If we can also use our common power to (as Donald Trump would say) “Fire” many of the other legislators that voted for NY SAFE then we have a chance.

Rob Astorino has accomplished something very significant with his announcement that he will seek to repeal the law. He has made NY SAFE Act an issue in the campaign.
Read about it here on WHAM
The grade on the app will be updated soon.